Single, Baby Breathe, Out Now!

Today’s the day! My single, Baby Breathe, is out now.

It’s available on all major platforms:

iTunes/ Apple Music

Google Play



All profits go towards helping establish a vital post-mortem research facility for ME. (More details here.) Each copy sold also helps raise awareness of the seriousness and severity of this illness. The more successful the single is, the more it will come to the attention of the wider world. Just imagine if we sold enough copies to gain a chart position!

Please tell everyone you know about the single, the story behind it, and what we hope to achieve. And don’t forget that the album, It’s Still M.E, is out a week today. Thank you so much for your support.

Baby Breathe

This is a special song to a special nephew. If a time comes when I’m no longer here to tell him how much I love him, I want him to hear this song and know that “I will hide in your heart, I’ll reside in your skin. I will live every time that you breathe.”

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