Thank You From Kara’s Family

Kara’s family wish to extend their grateful thanks for the love and support received since her passing. They have been touched by the many messages, cards and prayers sent from around the world, and wish to thank everyone who attended Kara’s funeral, either in person or from afar.  

As anyone who was there or who saw it will know, the funeral was a moving celebration of Kara’s life. (The recording of it is still available to watch here.) I know that I speak for many when I in turn thank Kara’s family for generously allowing so many of us to say goodbye to her through the live stream of the service. 

The family are coping as well as can be expected, showing the same remarkable strength that Kara demonstrated throughout her life. And thanks to her amazing production team, work is continuing on Kara’s second album. We will be sharing more about this in our next post.

Thank you again for your ongoing support. 

A painting of Kara in a bluebell word. By Ruth Braham
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