New Single Coming Soon!

A special message to you all from Kara, as dictated to her dad

This week it was my 32nd birthday, and just over two years since I released my first album, It’s Still M.E. Its success still amazes me today, and the fact that I am near to releasing my second album is something I never thought I would live to see.

The title of my new album is In Limbo, which seams to be apt, as that is how life truly is at the moment. We have been balancing on the precarious edge, between life and death. I did not imagine the glimmer of light to be bright enough to give me hope and enough notes with which to sing. My brain has been in such turmoil that creativity has been difficult to find, both creatively and physically. Thankfully with the amazing help from Liam Hicks and Alex McCray, who were also so supportive on my first album, it is now a reality.

Below is a video explaining more about the up and coming album, In Limbo. I thank you all for continuing to join me on my journey. 

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