A Heartbreaking Announcement

Dear friends.  We are heartbroken to tell you that Kara passed away this evening.  She was at home, with her family by her side. 

We know that this news will come as an enormous shock to everyone, as it has to all of us.  Although we were aware that Kara’s life expectancy was likely to be limited, it was hard to believe that this day would come.  She had rallied from so many crises that it often seemed she might defy her prognosis.  

In the end her body was too frail to survive. Her spirit remained strong till the last, and she faced the end with the same incredible courage that she showed throughout her illness. 

Kara was a very special young woman who embraced life with love, generosity and endless determination.  To know her was to know a unique human being, whose spirit never wavered despite the most tremendous suffering. 

Kara’s greatest wish was that her life should not be wasted and her death not in vain.  The album that she released in the summer of 2020, painstakingly recorded from her bed, is a legacy that will live on forever.  So great was its success that for several days in August 2020 she outsold Taylor Swift on Amazon and iTunes.  Kara had a phone call with Dolly Parton, and was invited to appear on top tv shows such as Steph’s Packed Lunch and Britain’s Got Talent.  (Though sadly was too ill to accept.) These are astonishing achievements for someone completely confined to their bed. 

Kara’s dream was to raise £100,000 to establish a post-mortem facility for research into the most severe cases of ME.  Her passion, determination and beautiful music have ensured that this dream will live on.  All proceeds from her album will continue to go to the fund she set up, and donations in her memory can be made here

We know that Kara would want special mention to be made of the incredible team of musicians and producers, lead by Liam Hicks, whose hard work and generosity made her dream come true.  At the time of her death they were helping Kara produce her second album.

Our thoughts are with Kara’s family, who have faced her illness and death with the most extraordinary courage.  They have a strong Christian faith and would value your prayers at this time. 

At this time of devastation for all who knew and loved Kara, we remember the lyrics from her song, Baby Breathe:

For I will hide in your heart, I’ll reside in your skin. I will live every time that you breathe. 

Kara, you were (and always will be) amazing.  

We love you x

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